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3 Creative Ways To Find A Job Using Facebook

January 2, 2012

According to a recent survey, 18.4m Americans said that they found a job using Facebook. Another 10.2m found there job via LinkedIn and 8m got hired using Twitter.

The use of social networking sites to find jobs is an ongoing trend compared to the traditional job boards.  Despite the above statistic about 18.4m job seekers using Facebook to find a job, there continues to be ambiguity on how to use Facebook effectively for the job hunt. Here are 3 creative ways to find a job using Facebook:

1) Optimize your Facebook profile to be found

Recruiters are constantly trying to find the best candidates and most candidates miss out on ‘being found’ because their profiles are not optimized for search. Start with something simple like entering your company name and job title. If you are comfortable with it, then also include a few lines about what you do at that company. Think about keywords unique to your industry that Recruiters may be searching against. Remember, you are looking for a job so you want to be found.

Caution: Take extra care around privacy options as anything you will be posting will be public. Also make sure that your public picture is professional.

Using Facebook for your job search by entering work and education

Facebook profile showing work & education info

2) Engage with company fan pages

Facebook gives candidates an unprecedented opportunity to engage with a company. I recently wrote a post about the secret of finding a job on Twitter, and candidates can use some of the same techniques to engage Recruiters on a company’s fan page. Get noticed by asking a question on the company’s wall. You will get a response even if the page is being managed by the company’s marketing group. They will likely forward your question to a Recruiter who may respond to you. It’s better than just submitting your resume into a database. The key is to get noticed.

Most companies also have job opportunities within the fan pages and you can apply to a job from within Facebook. Search for a company on Facebook and click on their ‘careers’ or ‘jobs’ tab. myJoblinx powers the ‘careers’ pages for several leading employers also (example below).

Careers tab on Facebook powered by myJoblinx

Careers tab on Facebook powered by myJoblinx

3) Use your network

This one may seem obvious but it’s never used to it’s fullest potential. I know this because candidates tell me all the time that their network is limited or they don’t have many connections on LinkedIn. This is where Facebook comes in because all of us have (or should have) a Facebook account. You’ll definitely have connections on Facebook and furthermore, the quality of those connections will be stronger as you will be connecting with individuals you care about. Use the ‘Find friends’ functionality of Facebook to see who else you might know or better still, try using 3rd party applications like myJoblinx to sort your network by companies and job titles. See who you know in your 1st and 2nd degree networks and get referred to companies. Use your network.

There are several ways you can find inside connections on myJoblinx. You can do a job search, find connections by name, or sort by company, job title, or school. It’s very easy to find your inside connections at companies, here’s an example:

Find a job via friends on Facebook

Finding inside connections by company/job title/school on Facebook - using myJoblinx

By following the above steps, you will be differentiating your job search tactics and your chances of getting that next job will increase significantly.

There is actually a 4th way that trumps the 3 tips mentioned above. The 4th way is to take action now. What are you waiting for? Update your Facebook profile today, visit company fanpages on Facebook, and get referred to get hired.

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