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Mother’s Day EXCLUSIVE: What Everybody Ought to Know About Their Mother’s Advice

May 7, 2012

My mother’s advice, (though a lot of the times unwelcome) is always relevant.  Moms just have a way of cutting through the bullsh*t and telling you exactly what needs to get done in any given situation.  They are unabashedly sure of their advice because they know that what they say, comes from experience and a place of love.

The nagging mundane comments made throughout my young adult life, now seem especially pertinent and sage.  My mom may not be the social media sav, or the job search know-it-all, but her simple advice translates into something far more profound.  Moms are a mystery and here we decipher what their common sayings mean, and how they resound with jobseeking millennials everywhere.

Mom-ism #1: “Clean your room.”

Translation for the jobseeking millenialClean your image.   

This was one thing I heard time and time again as a young teen.  What did it matter what my room looked like if it was just me living in it? But whenever company would come over, I would always run up to my room to make sure the door was closed- I didn’t want people thinking I was a slob.

Image is a powerful thing- especially so in our digital world. One cannot wait until they are actively on the jobsearch to “shut the door” on anything unflattering on the web.  Maintenance of your social media reputation and overall digital presence, is an ongoing process. Even when you are not jobseeking, it’s still important to be cognizant of these factors because they lay the foundation for when you decide to move on to other prospects.

Mom-ism #2: “When are you coming home?”

Translation for the jobseeking millenial: Life is both work and play.

This was a very annoying saying.  I was always a good kid and I never formally had a curfew.  But when it got to a certain hour, my phone would always ring and this one question would be on the other line.

Moms are notorious for reining us back into reality.  More than anything they want to their children to enjoy life, but they also want them to strike a balance between that enjoyment and the hard work that inevitably precedes success.  The opposite is also true; some of us may be overworked at our current positions and need a reminder to step away and decompress.

Mom-ism #3: “I told you so.”

Translation for the jobseeking millenial: Be prepared.

‘I told you so’ is perhaps the most ear-cringing thing you could possibly hear- especially from a mom! (I’m sure this is also very true for most husbands.)  Maybe you shouldn’t wear jeans to that job fair on campus, maybe you should have your resume looked over by someone else- these are simple, little details things that go a long way. When you are prepared, it shows the hiring manager that you are a serious and memorable candidate.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, take a moment to reflect of all the pearls of wisdom that your mom has imparted throughout the years.  Let her know her advice doesn’t go in one ear and out the other.  What are your favorite mom-isms? Like or follow us to join the conversation.  From all of us here at the myJoblinx team, we’d like to wish all the moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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