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5 Tips to Staying Positive While Looking for a Job

September 15, 2012

Recently, the government reported that August payrolls rose by 96,000, lower than the 125,000 gain expected by economists.  To add to the disappointment, job growth in the past two months was also revised down by 41,000.  The unemployment rate slightly declined to 8.1% in August from 8.3% in the previous month but the drop was due to a smaller labor force.   Depending who you are following, economists forecast the unemployment rate to hold steady.

We all know that being mentally strong and emotionally fit is crucial in life, whether it’s for business, sports, or your career.  But how do you stay positive when going through a long, challenging job search like we are facing today?

To help, here are 5 tips to support you while you are looking for a job:

Insight #1 – Reduce your consumption of mainstream press and media.

“Bad news sells,” as they say. You need to be informed about the marketplace and the world, but you don’t need to listen to the same story about “the worst job market in 20 years” over and over again.  It doesn’t help that this is also an election year and politicians are going to debate this topic to get elected into office.  Overloading yourself with bad news simply makes you more anxious and fearful.

Insight #2 – Take a break

Break the routine from your job search and do some exercise.  Don’t let it all just fester inside. Get it out, through exercise, therapy, meditation, prayer—whatever works.  Any form of physical exercise or relaxation technique gives you an immediate shot of endorphins (the so-called “happy hormones”).  It doesn’t matter what it is—a 10-minute walk, a quick run, a game of tennis, some yoga, or simply 60 seconds of deep breathing.  Try and do something on a regular basis and make it part of your daily routine.

Insight #3 – Don’t stress about stuff you can’t control.

I can’t control the weather—so I don’t worry or complain about it.  But I can influence how the weather impacts me by watching the weather forecasts or carrying an umbrella.  Similarly, you can’t control the economy or the job market, so focus your mental energy and time on things you can control or influence.  Take baby steps and identify 1 – 2 goals a day that you want to .  Write down on a piece a paper or journal and check them off as you go.  You can look back and see your results.

Insight #4 – Minimize your exposure to “BMWs.” 

BMWs = Bitchers, Moaners, and Whiners!  When you’re a little fragile emotionally, such negativity will be poisonous to you and your job search.  Positivity is contagious.  Whatever you do, avoid your exposure to negative people, while increasing your exposure to people who energize you.  And don’t be a BMW yourself.

Insight #5 – Celebrate the small successes.

You need to pat yourself on the back and celebrate with every small success.  Focusing on the small wins gives you the energy and confidence to tackle the bigger challenges that you know still lie ahead.

Remember to keep your chin up high and don’t give up!  Jobs don’t find you, you find them through various channels.  If necessary, print this blog or refer back to it from time to time, you may be inspired and encouraged by reading these tips over and over again.  With continual effort comes results, so hang in there!

Did you have stay positive tips to share?  We’d love to hear them.  Like and follow us to and join the conversation.

Good luck, stay positive and happy job hunting!

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